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Protect My Database ® is a patented Data Loss Prevention Solution that performs continuous database usage monitoring to safeguard your company's valuable intellectual property such as customer, patient, employee, and prospect databases.

Data Loss Prevention, compliance, and consumer privacy are three of today's most critical business concerns. Nearly 80% of all companies have experienced data breaches and, according to a published survey, 65% of businesses do not protect their databases from unauthorized employees and consultants. Misuse and theft of database content can cause significant financial damage while subjecting your company to legal liability. Our patented system protects your valuable intellectual property with custom decoys that allow us to monitor and report on ALL activity – legitimate or otherwise. There are no system or software requirements and we never see or access your database.

If your company maintains a database of personally identifiable information, then the Protect My Database® DLP Continuous Monitoring Solution is the answer for protecting your valuable data assets.

Could your employees gain access to your data? Is your data vulnerable to outside threats? Do you rely on 3rd parties such as consultants, contractors, marketers, processors and other outside professionals? If so, your valuable data asset is at risk of theft or misusage.

Our DLP Continuous Monitoring Solution creates a forensic trail of all activity, monitoring for misuse and reporting on all database related activity. Protect My Database ® is a top-of-the-line defense system created by database resource professionals who possess the knowledge and experience needed to keep your assets safe.

We invite you to review the programs and services we provide to help safeguard your database assets. Contact the team at Protect My Database ® to put our expertise to work for you. Learn more…

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Our patented process is protected under US Patent #8,213,589 B1 and other patents pending