Data Loss Prevention

In 2011, the average cost to a company affected by a data breach was $5.5 million.  This is a haunting figure knowing that 85% of data breaches go undetected.  In today’s data security environment, knowing that a data breach has occurred as soon as possible is a huge driver in preventing additional and future data leakage.  Protect My Database identifies data leakage through a data usage approach to continuous monitoring. We monitor the usage of data to determine that the usage is legitimate.
 Data Loss Prevention, also referred to as Data Leak Prevention, is a process to detect potential data breach incidents in a timely manner and prevent them by monitoring data through endpoint actions, network traffic, and data storage. When a data loss/leakage incident occurs, sensitive data is disclosed to unauthorized personnel. Such sensitive data can come in the form of private and personal information, corporate employee information, intellectual property, or even patient health information.
The following categories define the technological means employed for dealing with data loss/leakage incidents: standard security measures, advanced/intelligent security measures, access control and encryption, and designated DLP (Data Loss/Leakage Prevention) systems.  Protect My Database is a designated DLP system.

Designated DLP solutions detect and prevent unauthorized acquisition of sensitive data, mainly by employees who are authorized to access the sensitive information or 3rd parties such as marketing, analytic, hygiene, and recovery partners. Through the process of monitoring data usage through the insertion of data decoys into a database to be protected, Protect My Database is positioned with the unique ability to detect data leakage in a way that other DLP providers are not able to offer.  No software is required and we deliver near real time security status information in a real time environment.

We invite you to review the continuous monitoring programs and services we provide to help safeguard your database assets.  Contact the team at Protect My Database to put our expertise to work for you.

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