Patient Data Defendersm for Healthcare Providers

Your Medical Data Breach Security SolutionSM

Patient Data DefenderSM helps Healthcare Providers comply with the new HIPAA Omnibus Rules using our suite of Turn-key services that includes Patient Data Security Awareness Education, Patient Data Security Monitoring, and Insurance Protection against Data Security Risks and Data Breach costs.

Patient Data Security Awareness Education
You and your staff receive:

  • Compliant education course that fulfills HIPAA/HITECH annual training component for an organization’s staff
  • On-demand data security training via the Internet in a 30-45 minute self-scheduled program tailored to each member of your staff and designed to conserve their time
  • Easy to navigate self-service enrollment
  • Video presentations on data security requirements and practices
  • Pre-training testing to diagnose concerns with current patient data protection
  • To view two minute demo please click here

Data Usage Monitoring
Your practice receives:

  • Monitoring of your patient data against breach by outside hackers and intruders, internal employees, service providers, and third-parties with whom you share data (e.g., hospitals, insurance companies)
  • Early breach detection and alert allowing you to respond immediately, identify vulnerable data, deploy containment and notification countermeasures, and accelerate forensic efforts to identify how a breach occurred and who is responsible
  • Isolation of your data. We never access your patient database and no software is required
  • Easy implementation. All you need to do is download decoy patient records from a secure site and insert them among your patient database

Insurance Protection
Your practice also receives insurance:

  • Up to $100,000 against the costs of responding to data security investigation by government agencies
  • Up to $25,000 for breach notification expenses
  • For 24/7 printing and mail service to manage and assist with various state laws along with strategies to divert costly missteps and minimize data breach expenses.

Enhanced Data Risk Protection
Powered by Identity Fraud, Inc.

  • For firms having less than 50 employees and less than $10 million in annual revenue
  • Additional Prevention Components
  • Breach Liability Insurance up to $1 million
  • Business Identity Fraud Insurance

And more…

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