Utilize Our Continuous Monitoring Services to Protect Your Valuable Database Assets

Through a patented process, Protect My Database ® supplies a proprietary dataset of decoy records to a subscriber, who then blends the decoy dataset into their customer, patient, employee, or prospect database using care to homogenize the decoy records with the existing subscriber data. Every decoy record provided to a subscriber is unique in the truest sense of the word and guaranteed never to be used for another subscriber. No other subscriber receives that particular record, thus setting the stage for Protect My Database ® to continuously track and monitor all the activity within a customer, patient, employee, or prospect database protected by Protect My Database ®. Protect My Database ® offers a Data Loss Prevention Solution in a secure environment that requires no software installation. Customer access to the decoy data activity is provided through our secure web portal.

As part of our standard Data Loss Prevention service, Protect My Database ® continuously tracks and monitors all activity on a protected database across multiple channels in real-time and confirms the activity is legitimate. Through scanned direct mail images, electronic mail communications, recorded telecommunications and other proprietary reporting channels, custom reports are delivered to the subscriber showing all tracked activity. Should it identify any perceived or actual illicit activity, Protect My Database ® immediately alerts the subscriber to initiate further investigation. In the event of unauthorized use, Protect My Database ® provides a forensic trail that enables tracking back to the source of illicit activity.

Our Designated Data Loss Prevention Solution minimizes the loss of revenue caused by data theft, reduces invasions of consumer privacy, and ensures that the integrity of your company's very valuable asset remains intact.

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Our patented process is protected under US Patent #8,213,589 B1 and other patents pending